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Universal Digital Signage

Centrally Managed Content Delivery for Digital Signs, Screensavers, Kiosks, Presentations and More.


This will be a device independent solution: the only configuration of the devices and screensavers that should be required is a URL to the server. The server will host the content in playlists using one of the available templates1. The digital signage device will simply need to launch a browser in full-screen mode and open the URL at startup: the URL will be the server and the hostname of the device (example: The index file at the path provided will redirect to the currently assigned playlist. Below is the html that could be used in the index file to point the digital sign in our example ( to the default playlist on the server:

 <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=">

The screensavers for Mac, Windows and Linux: when the screensaver is active it simply needs to play a slideshow from server. The only required configurable options are the ability to specify the server and playlist (rather than hostname). Ideally this information should be read from a .cfg file and not directly configurable by the user. These need to be simple and very likely the code already exists. Feel free to use what you are able to find as long as they are open-source.

Example of use case: each department wants a unique slideshow for a screensaver that they may distribute or use in their area. They will each create their own playlists using the application and configure the screensaver to point to it before distributing.

Application Features

User options through a UI:


Screensavers and Digital Signs

Template Specifications

Kiosk: Slide Advance-Previous

Presentation: Slide Control Bar at Top Right of Page

Presentation: Slide List at Bottom of Page