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Classroom and Classlab Support

Issues that hinder an instructor's ability to teach are given the highest priority at the College of Visual Arts and Design. If you are experiencing issues with the equipment in one of our classrooms During a scheduled class period, please click the submit a ticket link on the instructor lectern computer and a technician will be dispatched to your location as soon as possible to resolve the issue so that precious class time is not wasted.

The majority of the classrooms in our college (45 of the 48 classrooms located in the Art Building, and Art Building Annex) are Specialized Class Laboratory (Type 210) supported by the College of Visual Arts and Design. All support requests or questions regarding the equipment available in this room should be directed to College of Visual Arts and Design: Information Technology Services.

If you are an instructor needing to reserve a laptop cart to be used in your classroom, please use the Reservations link.

About our Classroom Support Services

What is a 210 Specialized Class Labs?

About half of the scheduled instructional spaces at the University of North Texas are general use classrooms. The other half of the instructional spaces are specialized class laboratories.

General Use Classrooms (Type 110) are discipline-independent, meaning they do not contain any discipline-specific hardware or equipment. General Use Classrooms are centrally managed by the campus and are equipped with the campus standard audio-visual equipment, creating a consistent experience across these spaces for instructors and students.

Specialized Class Laboratories (Type 210) differ from the general use classrooms in that they are equipped with technology, equipment, and services that serve the needs of a particular discipline. A specialized class laboratory is supported by the local support group of the college that offers the courses taught in these spaces. The local support group also provides the support to the instructors who teach courses in these spaces, and manages the specialized equipment used throughout the college. This allows us to provide a consistent experience for our instructors and students with technology, resources, and services across all of the spaces within the college and allows us to provide a high-level of support with the best possible response and resolution times when an issue occurs or an instructor requests assistance.

The Class Laboratory Lifecycle Management Group, part of the Academic Technologies Governance Committee, is responsible for aligning solutions whenever possible, and for ensuring these spaces are effectively supported.

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