CVAD Service Desk on Microsoft Teams

We have updated our online service desk in Microsoft Teams. The previous one has been shut down. Our new team is called CVAD Service Desk. Below are tips on how to get connected on Microsoft Teams.

Join the updated service desk in 1 of 2 ways:

  • Option 1: Click here to open Teams.
    • Your browser should prompt you with a window similar to the following. Click the "Open in Microsoft Teams" option.

      Join CVAD Service Desk on Microsoft Teams
  • Option 2: You can also join the Team if you're already logged into Teams.
    • From the bottom left side of your Teams app, click "Join or Create a Team" and type "CVAD" in the search field.

      CVAD Service Desk in Microsoft Teams
    • The channel will appear in the search results. Hover over that channel and click "Join Team."

      CVAD Service Desk on Microsoft Teams
    • Once you join the team, click on the Teams tab to the left of the window and you will see the new Team has been added.

Note: After joining you may need to shut down the application (from the service tray at the bottom right) and relaunch. Logging off your computer and logging back on will accomplish the same thing.


If you have a question or need to request support, just post in the Service Desk channel and one of our staff members will initiate a one-on-one support session.

Please Note

Tabs: The service desk looks similar to the one we were using previously. One change is the tabs across the top of the Service Desk channel. These are links to help documentation, websites (such as the Appointments and Reservations service we have been using), and other materials that were previously on our website.

CVAD Service Desk on Microsoft Teams
Ongoing Development: Some of the site's features are in development and we will be updating and adding content throughout the summer. As questions are submitted we will update the help documentation. Report any issues you experience to the CVAD service desk email address ( or in the Service Desk channel.