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College of Visual Arts and Design
Information Technology Services
Computer Lab

Service Desk at the College of Visual Arts and Design

We are the primary technology support hub for College of Visual Arts and Design students, faculty, and staff: we support all technology resources, equipment, and services provided by the college. If you need help with any campus resource, we can help. Feel free to contact us for assistance with any issues you may be experiencing. Our online service desk is available in Microsoft Teams for you to receive direct, immediate support or you may submit a ticket and we will folow up with you.

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Computing Policies

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Online Service Desk


Equipment Checkout


Campus Location: Art Building, Room 371

Manager: Ursula Williams


Phone: (940)565-4522

Normal Operating Hours

Monday–Friday: 8:00am–6pm

Saturday: CLOSED

Sunday: CLOSED

About our Service Desk

Our service desk is available to all faculty, staff employed by the college, visiting guests, and all currently enrolled students. We provide direct support to our faculty and staff on issues they experience using any of the wide-range of information technology resource available on campus. If you have any questions or encounter a problem with your university-provided laptop, there is no need to make a physical visit to our office in most cases, we are able to assist you remotely: please visit our Online Service Desk if you require assistance. You do not have to be on campus: we can assist you as long as your device is connected to the internet. Software applications can be added, updated or removed remotely.

Services Provided by the Helpdesk

Areas we directly manage:

  • CVAD Service Desk (ART 371).
  • CVAD Classooms Support (Specialized Type 210 Classlabs).
  • CVAD Student Computer Lab (ART 375).
  • CVAD Fabrication Labs (ART 361).
  • CVAD Photo Documentation (ART 316).
  • Online services provided by the college:

  • CVAD Online Service Desk (Microsoft Teams).
  • UNT Online Mac Computer Lab (Guacamole).
  • Equipment Checkout for faculty, staff and students (Webcheckout).
  • Room Scheduling, including conference rooms and critique spaces (Booked Scheduler).
  • Webprinting (Papercut)
  • Services provided to our users:

  • Account management for all CVAD faculty, staff and students.
  • Support of university-owned computers, devices, and peripherals provided to our faculty and staff.
  • Support of university-owned computers, devices and all peripherals and equipment located in our labs, classrooms, and elsewhere throughout the college.
  • Hardware and software (including online services) procurement, deployment support and management.
  • Room scheduling for CVAD spaces.
  • Checkout equipment (available from the CVAD Computer Lab).
  • Research Support (Faculty and Students).
  • Exhibition Support (Faculty and Students).