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Equipment Checkout

Equipment Checkout

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Terms of Agreement (TOA)

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Terms of Agreement

The following Terms of Agreement apply when you utilize the CVAD Equipment Checkout Service. Before signing, please review these terms carefully. By accessing or using this service, you signify your agreement to these Terms of Agreement. If you do not consent to these Terms of Agreement, you may not utilize the CVAD Equipment Checkout Service. CVAD reserves the right to modify these Terms of Agreement as needed, without notice, and will require all users to sign an updated form, should changes be made, before checking out any equipment.

At the top of this page, there is a link to sign the form electronically, under Contents and Quick Links: you will not need to submit a paper form.

About: CVAD Equipment Checkout Service

The CVAD Equipment Checkout Service offer various pieces of equipment and other items for checkout to our College of Viusal Arts and Design faculty, staff and students currently enrolled in a CVAD course wihtout any additional fees. This is state-owned equipment intended for academic and\or professional use.

Rules for User Conduct and Use of the Service

You must be a current UNT CVAD student, faculty, or staff member to utilize the CVAD Equipment Checkout Service. The CVAD Computer Lab will verify your current enrollment status each semester you wish to use the CVAD Equipment Checkout Service. Your valid UNT student ID card or Mean Green Card is required to check out equipment. You may not check out equipment using another person’s UNT student ID card or Mean Green Card.

Prior to using this service, all users must have read these Terms of Agreement and submitted the Terms of Agreement Form online.

The equipment circulated by the CVAD Equipment Checkout Service is purchased with state funds and is therefore authorized only to be used for official university work and university academic use. No personal use is authorized. All student users will be strictly held to the Code of Student Conduct for the University of North Texas, which can be found on the UNT University Policy Office website.

Use and Conduct Restrictions

Permission to use this service is conditioned upon the following Use and Conduct Restrictions.

You agree that you will not, under any circumstances:

You agree that you will:

Late Returns | Abuse of Checkout Policy

Failure to comply with the rules, regulations, procedures, policies, and standards of conduct of CVAD Equipment Checkout Service will result in:

Final: If a student fails to respond to requests to return borrowed equipment before the closing of the current semester, an academic hold will be placed on the student's UNT account which may prevent future class registration, online grade and/or transcript retrieval, etc. CVAD Computer Lab staff may also forward relative correspondence to the CVAD Associate Dean(s) and/or the UNT Dean of Students explaining the severity of the situation.

User Financial Responsibility

You are financially responsible for any equipment checked out through the CVAD Computer Lab Equipment Checkout, up to the total replacement value of the equipment. This includes charges if the equipment has been damaged, lost, or stolen.

You acknowledge that up-to-date and detailed information regarding user financial responsibility (including current equipment replacement fees) can be found online through the WebCheckOut Patron Portal. A student with an outstanding item(s) will not be allowed to check out additional items until the outstanding item(s) is either returned or the charge is paid.

By using this service, you signify your agreement to these Terms of Agreement. If you do not agree to the Terms of Agreement, you may not utilize the Equipment Checkout Service. The CVAD Computer Lab reserves the right to modify these Terms of Agreement. Should any changes to the Terms of Agreement be made, you will be required to agree to the updated terms before checking out any equipment.

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Help with Webcheckout

The equipment checkout patron portal can be used in two main ways:

NOTE: Prior to using the Equipment Checkout service, all users must read and submit the Terms of Agreement form, which is updated each semester, for the current semester.

If you have not already done so, you may a submit a digitally signed Terms of Agreement here.

  1. To access equipment checkout, visit the WebCheckOut Patron Portal.
  2. Log into the patron portal with your EUID and password.
  3. webcklogin
  4. After you log in, you may need to select a checkout center if you have access to more than one center. To checkout equipment from the CVAD Computer Lab (Computer Lab), click on "CVAD Computer Lab."
  5. webcklogin
  6. After selecting the checkout center, you’ll arrive at the patron portal home screen. To make a new reservation, scroll through images of resources under the “Select Type” table.
    You can also click the search icon in the top left of the screen to search by keyword or select an item from the dropdown list.
  7. Once you locate the resource you need, you can: View more information about that specific resource by clicking the gray "Info” button. An info window will appear. You can add the resource to your cart by clicking the blue “Add” button. To add additional items, follow the same steps to find and add resources.
  8. webckitem
  9. Once you have chosen all necessary items, click on the blue cart button at the top right of your screen.
  10. webcart
    You will see a list of all the resources in your cart. If you are ready to make a reservation for these items, click the "Create Reservation" button.
  11. First, select a start date and time. The start time is when you will be expected to pick up the reservation from the CVAD Computer Lab (Art building, Room 375).
    NOTE: You must pick up equipment within one (1) hour of the scheduled pickup time or the reservation will automatically be canceled.
  12. Next, under “Duration” select how many days you want to reserve the item(s) for. The maximum time you may reserve an item is 7 days.
    Once you select a duration, the correct “End Time” will display below that box. The end time is when the items are expected to be returned to the CVAD Computer Lab.
    NOTE: Be sure to also return your equipment on time - individuals with late equipment will not be able to make reservations until the late equipment is returned.
  13. Next, check for errors. All errors must be resolved before continuing with the reservation. Warnings such as late equipment, overdue invoices, account holds, or failure to submit a completed Terms of Agreement form cannot be resolved in the patron portal and you must contact the CVAD Computer Lab before you can make reservations.
    NOTE: At the beginning of each semester, you must submit a digital Terms of Agreement form in order to utilize the CVAD IT Equipment Checkout service. Your equipment reservation may be delayed until the form has been submitted.
  14. If everything looks good, click the “Submit Reservation” button or “Save for Later” if you need to pause your reservation.
  15. After submitting your reservation, you should see a confirmation message. At this point, your reservation is complete and you can log out of your account.
  16. To cancel a reservation, click the green  menu button at the top left corner of the portal screen and select “My Account."
  17. Under “My Reservations” you will see your upcoming reservations. Simply click the reservation you’d like to cancel.
    A window will pop up showing the reservation details. Click “Cancel Reservation” to remove the reservation.
  18. Current checkouts and their return time will also be visible on your home screen by clicking “My Current Checkouts.” You can click on the checkout to view more details.
    Past, completed checkouts are visible under the "History" table.


  1. As a reminder, patrons must keep their account in good standing to be able to make reservations.
  2. In the patron portal, any patron with late equipment, account holds, or missing a required Terms of Agreement form on file will not be able to make reservations in the patron portal.
  3. If you have any questions or experience any issues with the WebCheckOut Patron Portal, call the CVAD Computer Lab at 940-565-2470 or email

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