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College of Visual Arts and Design
Information Technology Services

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions. Most likely, you will be able to find the answers to any questions you may have. However, if you have a question that is not addressed you do not find an answer to your question, please email us. We appreciate any feedback we receive and will update our documentation and make changes to services as appropriate.

What are the normal operating hours of the Art Building and Art Building Annex? How can I get card swipe access to a room?

The current hours of operation for the Art and Art Annex buildings can be found here. Information on requesting after-hours access to either building, can be found can also be found on the page. If you need to request swipe card access to a room you are using this semester, you can click here to submit a request by email.

How do I connect to the UNT Campus Wi-Fi network(s)?

The UNT Campus provides Wi-Fi access to all faculty, staff, students, and guests. For information on connecting to the general campus wi-fi networks (SSID: Eaglenet, UNT) you can go here. Students that are living on-campus have access to the ResNet wi-fi network while in UNT Housing. Information on ResNet can be found here. The UNT Campus also provides wi-fi access through the Eduroam service: information on using this service on the UNT campus can be found here. If you are a guest, please have the sponsor of your visit contact us and we can create a temporary UNT campus wireless account for you to use during your visit.

How can I print?

Students are able to print their documents in the CVAD Computer Lab, located in ART 371. CVAD Employees, in addition to any departmental printers they may have access to, have access to the shared printer and copier located in ART 235 (requires swipe card access). All students, faculty, and staff can submit print jobs through the Webprint portal.

Where do I go to complete the Annual Security Awareness Training?

There are two parts to the Annual Security Awareness Training. You may complete both sections in UNT Bridge.

I am having trouble with DUO Multi-Factor Authentication. Where can I go for help?

Information on the UNT Multi-factor Authentication can be found here. If you need to enroll a device, change the device you have enrolled, or make any other changes you will be able to do so by logging in to the UNT System MFA Portal.

How do I reset my EUID account password?

You can reset the password on your UNT account by going to the UNT System Account Management System.

I am a student and would like to purchase a personal subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. What is the cost of the offer through UNT and where can I purchase?

The cost of a personal subscription is $55.55, inlcuding all fees. These are educational institution subscriptions, meaning they expire at the end of the current academic year regardless of when purchased. You can get the full details on the offer and may purchase a subscription by visiting These are only available to currently enrolled students.