Terms of Agreement

  1. Review the Terms of Agreement below.
  2. Sign and submit the Terms of Agreement Form online, which signifies your agreement to all conditions below.
    • Please note, this form must be submitted at least ONE BUSINESS DAY PRIOR to checking out equipment.
    • In order to use the service, you must submit an updated form each semester.
  3. Come to the CVAD Student Computer Lab (SCL), Art Building, Room 375 to check out items.
  4. Operating hours for the lab can be found on the Student Computer Lab page.

Equipment Checkout: Terms of Agreement

The following Terms of Agreement apply when you use the CVAD Student Computer Lab Equipment Checkout. Before signing, please review the following terms carefully. By accessing or using this service, you signify your agreement to these Terms of Agreement. If you do not consent to these Terms of Agreement, you may not access or use the CVAD SCL Equipment Checkout. The CVAD SCL reserves the right to modify these Terms of Agreement as needed and will require all users to sign an updated form, should changes be made, before checking out any equipment.

About the Service

CVAD SCL Equipment Checkout allows you to check out state-owned equipment for university use (academic or professional) for a set amount of time, free of charge.

Rules for User Conduct and Use of the Service

You must be a current UNT CVAD student, faculty, or staff member to utilize the CVAD SCL Equipment Checkout. The CVAD SCL will verify current enrollment status each time you utilize the CVAD SCL Equipment Checkout. Your valid UNT Student ID Card or Mean Green Card is required to check out equipment. You may not check out equipment using another person’s UNT Student ID Card or Mean Green Card.

Prior to using this service, all users must have read these Terms of Agreement and submitted the Terms of Agreement Form online.

The equipment circulated by the CVAD SCL Equipment Checkout is purchased with state funds and is therefore authorized only to be used for official university work and university academic use. No personal use is authorized. All student users will be strictly held to the Code of Student Conduct for the University of North Texas, which can be found on the UNT University Policy Office website.

Use Restrictions

Your permission to use this service is conditioned upon the following Use and Conduct Restrictions.

You agree that you will not, under any circumstances:

  • Furnish false or misleading information when checking out equipment.
  • Loan out the equipment to another person; if another person uses your equipment, you agree that you accept financial responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage by negligence.

You agree that you will:

  • Use the equipment for coursework only. Any other use will result in disciplinary action.
  • Retain sole possession of checked out equipment and agrees not to lend nor give the equipment to any other person for any reason.
  • Provide the CVAD SCL with updated account information as soon as a change has occurred (for example, a change in email address should be immediately reported to the CVAD SCL).
  • Inspect all equipment at the time of check out and report any defects or missing pieces to the CVAD SCL worker or staff member who is processing your check out.
    • Upon check-in, you will be liable for any damage or missing pieces not reported at the time of check out.
  • Return equipment to the CVAD SCL, Art Building, Room 375, in person, with all included accessories, before closing on the due date.
    • Report any and all damage that may have incurred while in your possession upon return of the equipment.
    • Equipment returned by someone other than you may not be accepted as this violates the Terms of Agreement.
    • Equipment cannot be mailed to the CVAD SCL.
  • Equipment checkout/return times are based on operating hours unless otherwise specified, or during official UNT holiday closings and/or inclement weather closings. Current operating hours can be found on the CVAD SCL webpage.
  • The checkout period for most equipment - like DSLR cameras, laptops, sewing machines, video cameras, and Wacom tablets - is ONE WEEK.
  • Items are due back each day one hour before the lab closes (see CVAD SCL lab hours).
  • If a due date for equipment falls on a weekend, the equipment may be returned the following Monday without penalty.
  • If you would like to renew equipment, you may request a renewal in person at the CVAD SCL, Art Building, Room 375. You may also request a renewal via phone at 940-565-2470, or by emailing cvaditcheckout@unt.edu.
    • Renewing extends the due date by an additional ONE WEEK.
    • All renewal requests are approved or denied based on current equipment inventory (checkout renewal may be denied if there are students on a waitlist for the equipment).
    • Once the equipment has become overdue, it will no longer be eligible to be renewed and must be returned immediately (see "Late Returns/Abuse of Policy" below).
  • Before returning items, clear all equipment memory of pertinent data.
    • All of the data will be wiped from the equipment upon return.
    • The CVAD SCL is not liable for any lost information.
  • Equipment circulation is not available during interim breaks. Therefore, you must return all checkout equipment by the last day of each semester.

Late Returns / Abuse of Checkout Policy

Failure to comply with the rules, regulations, procedures, policies, and standards of conduct of CVAD SCL Equipment Checkout will result in:

  • 1st offense: local hold placed on the student's account, barring the student from checking out/renewing any equipment until the original equipment is returned and the student has spoken to a Checkout Admin (CVAD SCL Manager or Equipment Manager).
    • If the student does not perform the above within one week of the original due date, an email will be sent to the student, department chair, and program coordinator explaining the severity of the situation.
  • 2nd offense: student barred from using services and resources (CVAD Fabrication Labs, CVAD resource reservations, etc.) for the remainder of the semester.
    • An email will be sent to the student, department chair, and program coordinator explaining the severity of the situation.

Final: If a student fails to respond to requests to return borrowed equipment before the closing of the current semester, a hold will be placed on the student's UNT account which will prevent class registration, obtaining grades online, transcript retrieval, etc.

User Financial Responsibility

You are financially responsible for any equipment checked out through the CVAD Student Computer Lab Equipment Checkout, up to the total replacement value of the equipment. This includes charges if the equipment has been damaged or has been lost or stolen.

You acknowledge that up-to-date and detailed information regarding user financial responsibility (including current equipment replacement fees) can be found online through the WebCheckOut Patron Portal. A student with an outstanding item(s) will not be allowed to check out additional items until the outstanding item(s) is either returned or the charge is paid.

Click the button below to access the Terms of Agreement online form.

By filling out and submitting the form, you are agreeing that you have thoroughly read and do understand these Terms of Agreement as described, and you agree to abide by these Terms of Agreement throughout the duration of your use of any equipment checked out through the CVAD SCL. If you do not agree to the Terms of Agreement, you may not utilize the CVAD SCL Equipment Checkout.

The CVAD SCL reserves the right to modify these Terms of Agreement. Should any changes to the Terms of Agreement be made, you will be required to agree to the updated terms before checking out any equipment.

NOTE: In order to submit a digitally signed form (pdf) using the submit button,
you must use Adobe Acrobat DC or Acrobat Reader DC (free version here).
Watch this short screencast for help on submitting a digitally signed form, or follow the steps below.
1) Download or open Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or Acrobat DC
2) Download the Terms of Agreement Form and save it to your computer
3) Open the form with Adobe Reader or Acrobat DC and fill in your information, adding your digital signature at the end
4) Click "Submit" on the form or save the form and email it to "cvaditcheckout@unt.edu"