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College of Visual Arts and Design
Information Technology Services
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College of Visual Arts and Design

Information Technology Services

We are the primary technology support hub for the College of Visual Arts and Design students, faculty, and staff: we support all technology resources, equipment, and services provided or supported by the college. If you need help with a resource outside of the college, we can help as well: feel free to contact us with any questions or for assistance with any issues you may be experiencing. You can contact us via our online service desk in Microsoft Teams with any questions you may have and receive direct, immediate support on any issue or can submit a ticket to report an issue and we will folow up with you.

Computer and Technology Labs and Services

The CVAD Student Computer Lab is open to all UNT students. In addition to traditional computer lab services, we provide services that are curriculum-focused: software, hardware and other services used and\or needed by students enrolled in CVAD courses are available in the CVAD Student Computer Lab. We offer a wide-range of services to support the academic needs our students: color laser jet printing on paper of various types and sizes, large format color printing, standard and large format scanning, photo printing, 3D printing, graphic design tools and tablets, collaboration spaces, and specialized lighting areas for students to review your work. All of the software applications used in CVAD courses are available in your computer lab. The CVAD Student Computer Lab is always open during the university's normal business hours and we offer addtional hours on weeknights and weekends.

The CVAD Fabrication Labs provides a wide-range of digital fabrication equipment, at no addtional cost, to all students currently enrolled in a CVAD course (students may need to provide their own materials in some cases). Students are first required to enroll in the CVAD Fabrication Labs course group in Canvas: this is where you can work on your project with the Fabrication Labs staff to prepare for your visit to the labs to use the equipment. After completing the mandatory Safety Training, you will be able to schedule appointments on the equipment or come as a walk-in if the piece of equipment you need is available. Some of the equipment we offer: CNC Routers (including a 5-axis machine), Plasma Cutter, waterjet-laser cutting (WASER), 3D resin printing, vinyl-cutting, fabric printing, RISO Printing, and embroidery and sewing machines.

The CVAD Photo Documentation Service is available to currently enrolled students (at no addtional costs) to photograph their academic art work professionally. The service is staffed by CVAD Photography graduate students and is located in ART 316. Sessions with a photographer are available by appointment. Students may also choose to checkout photography equipment (cameras, light kits) using our Equipment Checkout service in order to photograph their work themselves. If the art work is not onsite, it will be neccesary to go this route but you can schedule a consultation appointment to discuss with the a photographer beforehand so that you can better photograph the work.

Online Services

The Online Computer Lab is now available. Windows users have access to Citrix Workspace, (hosted by the G. Brint Ryan College of Business) which provides streamed Windows applications and desktops. Mac users have access to Guacamole, (hosted by the College of Visual Arts and Design) which provides remote access to MacOS computers. The Citrix solution is integrated with Guacamole so that Mac users can run Windows aplications directly from the Mac computers. Visit the page by clicking on the icon above for more information.

CVAD spaces (conference rooms, meeting spaces, and critique spaces) are available for resevation through our online reservation systyem. All CVAD employees have permissions to reserve many spaces but some spaces, critique spaces for instance, may have some restrictions on reservations: program coordinators and visual art technicians, in this example. If you have any questions let us know.

All CVAD faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students may reserve equipment for checkout through WebCheckOut. We have a wide-assortment of equipment available: cameras, tablets, projectors, displays, portable video players and more. You can use the equipment as needed: to complete CVAD course assignments, work on any piece that is part of your academic work (even if not directly course-related), or to prepare an exhbition. The equipment is picked up from the CVAD Computer Lab unless otherwise noted. If you need help using a piece of equipment, we can get you started. We are available for consultation on exhibition preparation.

Information and Help Guides

Here you will find a wide-range of information relevant to anyone working in our college: college technology policies and procedures, calendars, phone and email lists, available software, computer and peripheral standards, available printing options, remote computing - and more. It also contains support and help documentation for services offered by the campus and the college. New employees should review this information after onboarding as it will help you find the services on campus that are available to you.

If you are a student enrolled in courses in the College of Visual Arts and Design, this is where you will find support documentation related to campus and college services.

Microsoft SharePoint

Available to CVAD faculty and staff, within the college, this is the shared document library for the College of Visual Arts and Design. All college, department, and program files are stored here, including budget spreadsheets. Each department is responsible for granting the access permissions to their files and folders - to request access, you will need to contact the supervisor or administrative assistant for the department.


Departments and Locations

CVAD Service Desk

Location: Art Building: Room 371

Hours |

Monday–Friday: 8am–5pm

CVAD Student Computer Lab*

Location: Art Building: Room 375

Hours |

Monday–Thursday: 7:30am–10pm

Friday: 7:30am–5pm

Saturday: 12pm–5pm

Sunday: 12pm–10pm

CVAD Fabrication Labs**

Location: Art Building: Room 361

Hours |

Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 8am–8pm

Wednesday-Thursday: 8am–5pm

Saturday: 12pm–5pm

CVAD Photo Doc Service**

Location: Art Building: Room 316

Hours |

Monday, Wednesday: 8am–11am

Tuesday: 2pm–6pm

*   Service available to all UNT faculty, staff and students currently enrolled at UNT.
**  Services available to CVAD faculty, staff and currently enrolled CVAD students. These services open to students beginning on the Monday following the 12th class day (Fall 2022: September 19th).
All services will close on the last day of the semester.